Bonita Springs, FL Dryer Vent Cleaning

Bonita Springs Residents: We Offer Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning

We get it: cleaning your dryer vents is the last thing on your mind as a busy homeowner inn Bonita Springs. However, did you know that 100 injuries and $35 million in property loss happens every year in this country, spurred on by 3,000 home clothes dryer fires? It’s true. Not only should you clean the lint trap after every few cycles, you should also get a complete dryer vent cleaning once a year. This job is one for the professionals, as there are many steps involved that require the attention and expertise of a trained expert. If you live in Bonita Springs, call Dryer Vent Cleaning of Naples for affordable services starting at just $99.

We love to work in Bonita Springs, population 43,000. It’s close by our headquarters located just a stone’s throw away in Naples. In fact, Dryer Vent Cleaning of Naples services all of Naples, North Naples and Bonita Springs with affordable, reliable dryer vent cleaning services. Have you been experiencing the following problems with your dryer lately?

  • No lint on the lint screen
  • Clothes never fully dry
  • The top of the dryer is hot during operation
  • Moldy smell to clothing
  • Dryer shuts off before end of cycle

These are all warning signs that shouldn’t be taken lightly. All that lint that’s building up in your vent can ignite quickly because it is highly flammable. Don’t remember the last time you had your dryer vents cleaned? It’s probably time. There are several reasons why you should hire a professional for annual dryer vent cleaning in Bonita Springs. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can:

  • Prevent fires
  • Extend your dryer’s lifespan
  • Guard against the risk of improper ventilation of carbon monoxide gas
  • Decrease drying time
  • Save on energy bills
  • Prevent mold growth in lint build-up
  • Keep the indoor air quality high
  • Eliminate dust that can trigger asthma and allergies

Our Services in Bonita Springs

From fan cleaning to debris removal, there’s nothing we won’t do when it comes to ensuring your dryer vents are completely cleaned. Rest assured, our trained technicians show up on time, in uniform, with the right tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You’ll be back to your normal routine in no time! With a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning process that prevents lint, debris and dust from restricting sufficient airflow throughout the venting system, you can expect the following during your service call:

  • Inspection
  • Booster Fan Cleaning
  • Measurements
  • Line Sanitizing
  • Debris Removal
  • Lint Screen Cleaning
  • Multi-Unit, Residential and Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

While it’s easily overlooked, a clogged dryer can have deadly and expensive consequences. Home clothes dryer fires are primarily caused by clogged dryer vents. Leave this cleaning job up to the pros. Why endanger your family and property for something that’s so quick, easy and affordable? Our licensed professionals for dryer vent cleaning in Bonita Springs would be happy to give you an estimate and visit your property for quick, friendly and effective service.

Contact Us For Expert Dryer Vent Cleaning in Bonita Springs

If you live in Bonita Springs, we aren’t far away! Get a free quote when you contact Dryer Vent Cleaning of Naples at 239-302-0007, located at 8805 Tamiami Tr. N. Suite #360a in Naples, FL. Our rates are extremely affordable, starting at just $99, with the final price dependent on the length of the vent and ease of access.